We are located in beautiful Bigfork, Montana. Living at the head of Flathead Lake, at the foot of the magnificent Swan Range Mountains, and just a short distance from Glacier National Park, we are constantly inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us. We offer handcrafted ornaments, jewelry, wall art and home accessories made from copper that reflect styles such as wildlife, whimsical, trendy, and traditional.

About the Artist:

John has been working with various types of metal since his teens and has many years experience as a fabricator/welder. He works primarily with copper, sometimes using brass and other metals for accents. Starting with heavy gauge copper sheet, each piece is cut, hammered for texture and shape then carefully heated with a torch to beautiful rainbow like colors. With a very unique heating technique that brings the work to life with vibrant purples, blues and greens, as well as the reds and oranges usually associated with heated copper, each piece of artwork is unique in its own texture and color. No two are exactly alike.

John cutting out a new design Working out the new design with a hammer and anvil Heating the new piece with a torch to obtain the desired colors The finished product a beautiful Heart on Heart

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John and Kim Rose